Just changing serial numbers

I have information that I engrave on aluminum parts that remains the same and I just change the serial number per part. I use Simplex.shx font because it’s a single line font. Currently I use Fusion 360, but it seems excessive with the monthly subscription when I’m only changing once thing. Looking for software that I can use for serial numbers only and I’d like to have a single line font.
Any suggestions?

I’ve used Inkscape and the Hershey Text extension on firearm parts many times in the past. Import the text you’ve created to Carbide Create and assign a no offset tool path using a R.25mm tapered ball nose. Works great.


The ‘ZNiko’ font is designed to look like a single line font (but is actually a ‘real’ font), and you could use it in Carbide Create (or just about any other program). Just do a No-Offset contour on the text.


Here is text carved using a 1mm bit (in wood). The smaller text at each end is about 6mm tall.


Laser or drag engraving on firearm parts? (Curious)

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A no offset cut with R.25MM tapered ball nose bit.