Just having too much fun!

Cleaning my son’s closet I found his old wooden block box. It has been collecting dust for about three years now. I immediately appropriated it and decided to use it to mill things.

My first project I decided was going to be a phone stand as my phone has no “nice” place to sleep while on my nightstand. Also I liked the challenge to be able to figure out how to zero properly with rounded edges everywhere and milling multiple sides. Since all blocks are the same size, using the low vise, a square block and spacers I was able to place the blocks on a precise position every time.

This is my design:

Here is the first cube milled:

Here is both sides:

In action:

Not the best sounding speaker but tons of fun to figure out and make.

I’m just having too much fun here. The design and problem solving process that CNC brings to then have a tangible object in the end pleases me to no end. I’m starting to think that instead of a filmmaker I should have been an industrial engineer!!!.


Children’s wooden block sets are a great idea for raw material — likely one can get them inexpensively at yard sales (or Goodwill/Salvation Army) and they’re not likely to have dangerous finishes — though I’d avoid any which were actually painted w/o testing first.

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I like your vise - can you tell me more about it? Did you make it?

@loneboat The low vise is the one sold by Carbide 3D

These are made of Rubberwood if you were curious. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-60-Piece-Standard-Blocks/dp/B00008W72D

@lxkhn Thank you. Good to know.