Just recieved my Touch probe. Wrong offset?

(Mike Partain) #1

I just received my touch probe for my XXL and it works but it appears that there is 3mm discrepancy on the Z. I placed the probe with it resting on the stock in the pocket of the probe. When I probe for Z, it comes down and touches the probe but just sets Z 3mm deeper than it should. When it starts cutting it goes 3mm deeper on the first pass. Is there a way to set this offset in Carbide Motion?



(William Adams) #2

Note that there are two ways to set the Probe — one for a corner, the other for an edge or surface — it sounds as if you set the Probe for a corner, but probed for a surface.


(Mike Partain) #3

Ok that makes sense as there is 3mm of material that creates the pocked on the bottom of the probe. So for ZXY probing the probe sits on the pocket, for Z it sits on top of the stock, not in the pocket. Is that correct?

I just saw this in the docs, I must have overlooked it.

Thanks for the quick reply and the help.

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(Daniel Loughmiller) #4

Indeed also means you can Z probe anywhere on the surface. I often like to Z probe in the middle of the material if I think there’s any warping on the board.