Just saying hello

New to cnc. Just placed my order today.


That’s great to hear! Thank you for the order!

Which machine did you get?

What accessories?

What sort of work do you wish to do?

In what material(s)?

Have you decided on a CAD/CAM workflow yet?

The Shapeoko 4 with the bitsetter and a few cutting bits. I am contacting with a real estate agency to make their client plaques


Welcome. I am sure you will enjoy your machine.

I was completely new to CNC in March and I have been very happy with the quality of my machine and the awesome level of support the company provides. The community here is really great and there are several people who have are really helpful.


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Welcome. I’m sure you’ll find that this forum is a great resource for help. There’s a lot of knowledgeable folks on here and it’s great seeing the projects they create. Congrats on your machine.

That should work well — what sort of client plaques will you be doing? Who will be working up the design?

Are you familiar w/ CAD software/Bézier (vector) curve drawing software?

The will probably say “home” and possibly the coordinates of the residence and maybe the client’s last name. The CAD software is new to me so learning it should be fun.

Welcome to the Community!
I look forward to seeing your work.

I wrote a bit about learning to use Carbide Create and the underlying concepts at:

Hopefully that will help. If there’s something there which needs to be improved on, corrected, or added, let me know.

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Welcome to the forum

Welcome. The learning curve is as rewarding as watching the Shapeoko performing exactly as you instructed it to do. However not always as you expected, but part of the lessons learned

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