Just snagged this heavy duty power distribution box for my 2.2kw spindle and DC

Old school grounding, just screw in to anything metal. Just kidding! Judging by the lack of friction in the switches and the noises of little bits rattling around inside of the box, all 3 switches have given up the ghost. For some reason this made me imagine a really ratchet 1950s hobby CNC setup. I’m guessing it was actually used for hifi stereo equipment.

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Won’t your spindle/power supply want a 3-prong connection?

This looks so cool and vintage. I would keep the front plate, possibly the lamps if they still work, and rebuild a power box. That could be the start of the first ever steampunk Shapeoko :slight_smile:


Yessss it is steampunk that’s the word. I couldn’t figure out what it was making me think of. Besides, (sarcasm) I find motors just run a little “faster” when you clip the ground pin off the plug. Can’t explain it!

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