Keeping Shapeoko in cold Garage

Thanks for the folding table ides from a previous post. My garage is not heated is it ok to keep shapeoko in a cold garage? I’m concerned about the electronics.


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FWIW I’ve ran my XXL in my garage from 100F+ in the North Texas summer all of the way down below freezing in the teens F in North Texas winter without issue. I thought at one point I had some belt slippage due to the cold, but chased that back to what I now believe was a dust boot brush fouling during deep plunging. I’ve resurfaced my wasteboard after not having run the machine for quite awhile (and changing seasons), but it only took a very light surfacing to get back to flat. We don’t have quite the humidity that they have further south, but I suspect the outcome wouldn’t be much different as long as the machine isn’t directly exposed to the rain, or isn’t moved in/out of its living space (transfer from hot/cold, and humidity/low humidity may cause issues). We have a fairly steep swing of seasons here and my machine has been good.


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I’ve been running my Shapeoko the last couple months in an unheated garage in Minnesota with temps down to -35F (I didn’t run it while that cold but it survived the cold just fine).

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I think the question I would have is on the impact in the long run. Going through extreme heat and cold cycle may affect components. Belts and electronics may have a shorter life but unless this was tested, it would be impossible to determine except anecdotally. The other concern, in my Canadian climate would be the operation in very cold and humid conditions (-20C and 60% humidity this morning). The little gears and v wheels can get coated with frost and could cause breakage. Would raising temperature also create some moisture from condensation on electronic components? We have had significant temperature swings here and garage can also trap moisture. Of course you did not mention where you live so if you are in a warmer dryer clime you may not encounter any issue.

I run my machine very hard and the belts do slip in the cold.

Keep in mind this is with a 1in flat router bit in some very hard stock Bubinga, hickory stuff like that, If you slow it down you will probably be fine.

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my specific concern was storing it in the cold garage not necessarily running it in cold.

I’ve had mine in the garage and temperatures here reached -24F this winter, no issues. I have run it in 10 degree weather without issue too. (Though I’m not super aggressive on cuts)

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