Keyboard Cheat sheet for Carbide Create and Motion

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Hope this helps!

PDF version for printing: Carbide3D_create_motion_keyboard_shortcuts.pdf (467.8 KB)

Please let us know of any corrections / additions.

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This is amazing, my only suggestion is to have a CC and a CM version separately too

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So what version of Create and motion do these work on.
Are there any up dates to either,out there now.
Also any idea on when the touch probe will be back in stock I like have one.

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I believe all the differences between CM3 and CM4 are broken out, and all the features in the current Carbide Create build are broken out — if not, let me know and we’ll update.


why did the key mapping change for motion between 3 and 4? and why are not all the keys available in 4?
why can’t we change the key mapping?

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One day, I was reaching for something and my arm brushed against the keyboard (hitting one or more keys) and my machine started to move. I can’t remember what screen I was on but it was almost like I activated the SEND on the MDI screen. I have tried reproducing it many times without success. (V4 CM)

Yes, I would love to find a way activate the SEND key… (since I do a lot of MDI data input)

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If anyone wants to roll their own, here is a bluetooth HID programmable controller to be the brains of your own x-keys like device. 12 buttons looks like it would handle all the shortcuts for CM.

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So…Carbide Motion 4 Short Cut list:

Homing Movement Control

[1] - 0.01 mm
[2] - 0.1 mm
[3] – 1.0 mm
[4] – ‘Fast’

Jog X & Y

	[Left] [Down] [Up] [Right] Arrow Keys

Jog Z

[+] and [-] Keys; or,
[<] and [>] Keys (or perhaps it’s [,] and [.]); or,
[Page Up] & [Page Down]

Open Midi Window


Open Log Window


Reset Grbl

 [Ctrl] + [1]

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Unfortunately, Adafruit is out of stock on the Bluefruit EZ-Key and has been for some time. Apparently they are redesigning it. However, according to comments from an Adafruit employee in the forums, it might not be available for a long time due to problems sourcing the components. Too bad, since it is really the perfect device for any kind of wireless HID project.

I’ve been working on a DIY wireless jog pendant for the past few days. I hope I’ll be ready to post the finished project by next weekend.

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