Laser cutting Gallery

Since adding a laser to the Shapeoko line is now becoming more affordable and more people will be getting into doing laser engraving I thought it’s time to try to setup a laser thread for people to share their work and settings for their Diodes power.

The goal is to help new users see results of various feeds and power settings for common diodes being used by others to give them a head start and reduce their learning curve.

This was done with a 4 diode 20w Atomstack on .25" poplar wood

I do the cross hatch fill first, then the border fill, then a out line burn to sharpen the edges, and finish with cutting the part out.

I love the cross hatch fill method it looks so good and burns very fast. The first lines barely show but once the cross happens they become more pronounced and ended up perfect.

Cross hatch fill bi-directional, 45 degree scan angle with 1mm line interval, 4000 mm/min, 45 power 1 pass.

Border fill 6000 mm/m, 45% power, 1 pass

Border line burn 1000 mm/m 45% power 1 pass

final cut out 150 mm/m 85% power 2 passes just to be safe. 1 pass will cut through but sometimes there is a fiber that doesn’t get cut all the way so I run 2 passes. I will try 90% 1 pass to see next time.


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