Laser or Router

Curious if someone could tell me the process in making a sign like this:

  1. Is it router CNC with a wood texture background?

  2. How could the words and logo be darkened like this and still be a food safe?

Thanks for those sharing their expertise

That’s lasered…

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Bummer. Thanks for the info

you could make something like this with a shapeoko obviously. the coloring is suspicious wrt food safety though (laser or not)


As @fenrus stated, you can carve something nearly equivalent. You’d lose that cool grain, though.
On the other hand, you could take less interesting stock and add your own textures.

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Dont see why you could not make this with Shapeoko, use acrylic paint (non toxic) and then use a food safe finish like mineral oil or commercial salad bowl finishes. The cut out parts wont be touching food but if it is to be a cutting board it will eventually get cut up. But as a service tray or display item totally safe. If you dont want the design element to be black then you could also use just the oil finish and the carving is usually slightly darker. You could also epoxy fill the design and epoxy is food safe. Lots of options.

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