Laser to cnc switch over

After installing a J tech laser and runnuning it on several projects I want to go back and run a few projects on the cnc router. Problem I’ve encountered is the router movement is backwards now. How do I fix this?

Hi. Assuming you are using Lightburn, see step 11. in this tutorial. The laser the CNC use different Coordinate Systems, so you need to swap them before going back to CNC work. You can set these macros up in Lightburn so when you use the laser, you hit a Macros called “Use Laser”, but when you are done, you need to hit “Use CNC” so the Shapeoko goes back to what you were used to before using the laser.

I done this, but I’ll go back and check the settings. At the moment the issue lies with setting bit zero. Double checked settings, all seems to be correct, I can move the X and Y axis left and forward but not back and to the right. when I change axia speed and hit forward it runs all the way to the rear and stops.

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