Latest CNC project

No stains or dyes. All natural wood colors. Red stripes are African mahogany, white stripes are maple, and the union is dark walnut. The stars are inlaid with pearl white epoxy.


Very nice. Are the stripes pockets or just the different wood?

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Robert Great job ! ! ! how long did this project take?

The stripes and union are different wood. The red stripes are African mahogany, the white are maple and the union is dark walnut,

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The entire project took a couple of days. Cutting out the stars on the Shapeoko only took a few minutes. They are just vee cuts so it does a deep pass, than comes back and does a finish pass. My 15 minutes at the most.

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Beautiful! Great choices on the wood species! The color contrast is great and I love the pearl epoxy. Do you mind sharing what product you used for the pearl effect? And finish?

Very nice, Betsy Ross would be proud of the flag. Too bad Nike is not more proud of the US Flag.

Literally the first time I saw the flag files being posted around I thought to myself, someone is gonna bring up Nike or politics or a deep hatred of Trump. No way an online forum will avoid it. I was quite surprised, and very pleased, to see how long it took before rearing its ugly head(this community is awesome!). But now you have gone and done it, haha… I mean no offense, Guy. As someone who avoids social media for the most part, and politics of any kind, I just hope to see those comments and conversations relegated to Facebook for many years to come. I think it aids us as an enthusiast community to check those things at the door, so to speak, since they have no applicable use in regards to CNC’ing.


I used this for the pearl epoxy:

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