Latest GRBL Version

Hello everyone, I’ve been away from my Shapeoko since about 2019. I am planning on working with it tomorrow. I’m wondering if anyone knows what the current GRBL version is now. I have already downloaded the current versions of both Carbide Create and Carbide Motion.
Thank you in advance.

Jim Browning

That’s how long since the last (probably ever) Grbl update, v1.1h

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I thought the C3D GRBL update is 1.1f for Shapeoko 3. Is there a later version from C3D greater then 1.1f for the Shapeoko 3? Are the newer Shapeoko 4, HDM and Pro running on 1.1h?

Thank you both for your help. I got the xl running and cut and installed the waste board. Tomorrow I will plan on cutting out the clamps.

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