Learning Fusion for the Shapeoko

(Michael Oakley) #1

(Luc) #2

Man, I find F360 so daunting that I have almost given up. I use VCarve, Carbon Create, Easel but the user interface of F360 makes no sense to me. I will watch your videos and I hope that I will be able to create something useful.


(Julien Heyman) #3

Michael, this is brillant, I’m sure this will help a lot of people here give Fusion360 a try, and realize it’s not that obscure. I’m halfway through, it will be really cool if you keep this series going and show advanced and Shapeoko-oriented tricks!
This must have taken a while, thanks for your efforts!

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(Michael Oakley) #4

If there are specific Fusion functions that you need help with let me know.


(F B) #5

I’ll be watching these on my lunch breaks. What really interests me is that you are actually milling the pieces. Lots of tutorials out there where the outcome is unknown because they don’t use the g code they generate.

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(mikep) #6

AvE just started a bunch of tutorials on F360, they’re pretty good, and are show directly how to set the work zero, and a bunch of other helpful machining stuff. Deep in Canukistan, he’s pretty amusing to listen to sometimes anyway.

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(Luc) #7

I’m familiar with AvE, he definitely has a colorful language I can understand it very well but cringe when I hear some of it. His mom should have used a bit more soap to clean his tongue! :wink: I have not been following him closely in the past few months so I was not aware of his exploration of F360.