Leaving Islands in a lake

Hey guys,

I am at my wits end. Try to carve out this lake and leave the islands. I select all and then pocket but it is an empty tool path. I am about to scream. I have combed thru this forum and think I am doing everything right. Help would be appreciated.

leech.c2d (1.7 MB)

You have two identical overlapped/duplicated vectors (select the large contour and move it, you will see)
Deleting the extra vector makes the toolpath valid


Have you ever felt like a complete idiot? Because I do right now. Thanks so much man.


Whit, welcome to the rabbit hole!

No need to feel like an idiot, we’ve all had these issues while learning. There are going to be a lot of moments learning where it seems like everything is right and nothing seems to work. Coming here for help is a great way to keep the sanity in check :slight_smile:

Happy cutting and best of luck!

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