LED Light control with Carbide Motion

I think it would be nice to be able switch on/off the LED Gantry Lights with Carbide Motion.


I think it would be nice to know why?
I have considered adding led lights under the gantry, only to come on when the power was on. And there would be a switch to manually turn them on or off. An alternate, would be to have them come on when my spindle was on, and that’s where I would use my Bitrunner to power the led strips.

I actually made the same request on the team chat when I first got my machine.

The LEDs are quite bright, and my machine is on a rather high workbench (so as to be over my SO Pro) and I usually sit rather low (monitoring my SO Pro which I use for test cuts or sheet goods which have longer Y dimensions than my 4x2) so the lights are directly in my eyes.

I am probably going to just fold up some paper and tape it as a diffuser over the LEDs and see if that works well enough.

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