Letting Winston Out of his Cage (well kind of)

Since @winston hurt his arm (did he mention that) we have been looking for fun things for him to do one handed…

Then we realised he can’t go anywhere so why not bring him to the people via his preferred medium of video… drum roll…

We’re thinking it could be fun to put him in front of the camera and have him host a webinar ‘during office hours’ on either a Friday/Saturday/or Sunday afternoon.

Before we let him loose we first want to check if people would want this kind of event and get an idea of the CNC related questions you might want to ask him?

  • I’d be interested in a Friday session
  • I have nothing better planned for a Saturday
  • I want to ‘Make’ his Sunday, sign me up
  • Winston who?

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Comments below on the kind of questions you’d like to ask.


@wmoy use Generative Design in F360 to design yourself a cool looking cast.


Vince should make him an aluminum cast; that would be cool

Why not watch him assembly a SO3 and install a 2.2Kw (heavy) spindle?

Please make the timeslot Europe-friendly :pray:.
Topics I’d like to hear about:

  • Fusion360: his own approach (tips?) to the CAD and CAM parts, an overview of his favorite toolpath strategies (usecases/lessons learned)
  • Feedback about owning both a Nomad and a Shapeoko, and which turns out to be best for doing what (beyond the obvious size/precision criteria).
  • Interesting mistakes he made and what he learned.
  • His stance on:
    • calibrating belts versus cutting/measuring/adjusting (I know I changed religion)
    • approach to feeds and speeds (a.k.a. experimentation/ear versus theory/chipload/etc…)
    • trends in the desktop CNC market?
  • - funny anecdotes about Luke, Rob, Jorge, Edward

I second both of these:

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  • Advanced toolpaths and things learned that are specific to hobby style machines

  • Fake it till you make it tips


Please record the webinar and upload to YT so us Aussies and Europeans can watch it too!

  • another vote for some focus on fusion360. Anything specific to the style of projects common on the shapeoko, advanced toolpaths and even on the modelling side

  • lots of people starting small businesses with the shapeoko, I’d like to see some focus on efficiency around job planning and toolpaths, I.e. Making 50x of one item, what’s the best way to do that

Great idea :call_me_hand:


Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQV_shDtf98 <-- Livestream will be here!

Alright, the official word is that I’ll be attempting/hosting a livestream on YouTube at 1 PM PST (8 PM GMT) on Friday 3/20. Expect it to run for about 1 hour. I’ll try to touch on some of the questions here, and field some questions for Carbide Create and Fusion 360. I can also run you guys through the new Advanced Vcarve toolpath in CC.

Will update with a link when I have it, but you should also see a placeholder on the C3D channel shortly. Video will be saved after the stream so people can watch it later if they can’t make it.

If this goes well, I’ll try to do another session in 1-2 weeks in the shop (assuming I’m not quarantined) where I can actually use the Shapeoko and address any machine questions.

Keep sending in questions!


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