Leveling waste board

Hello I have a freud 1 1/4 mortising bit to level the waste board could someone help with tool parameters like feed rate spindle speed and stepover

Stepover about 3/4 of the width. Run it at a slowish speed (1-2 on the dial) and a 50 ipm feed is pretty safe. Depends a lot on how much you’re taking off the wasteboard. I’ve been able to do 100+, but I was only skimming off a few thousandths at a time.


If the waste board has been leveled previously, I use 30% step over for a better finish, .002" DOC, 60IPM using that bit. First time leveling I take .004" for the first pass.

Draw hash marks with a pencil on your waste board to make sure the entire board is leveled, if not, re-zero on the low spots and repeat. The low spots will have the hash marks remaining.


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