Limit/home switch kit questions

I just installed the limit switch here:

It was my understanding that HOMING switches are intended to provide an automatic origin for the machine, and LIMIT switches are intended to prevent damage from accidental travel past the edges of the machine’s axes. But this kit only has three switches - wouldn’t it need six to act as a set of limit switches (one each end of each axis)?

Or am I misunderstanding what homing/limiting is?


These are Homing Switches. They are for Homing so you can repeatably move to locations on the table.

You can mount another set if you want to have limits however, you dont need them if your parts fit within the working area.

Another thing you can do is set soft limits for your your machine.

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Awesome, thanks for the replies! I’ll look into soft limits.


Followup question: Is the origin that is generated by homing switches SEPARATE from the origin I set by zeroing all axes in Carbide Motion at the corner of my workpiece? Or is it the same?

In other words, to use homing switches, do I have to switch from using a zero origin on my workpiece to some zero origin on my SO3’s axes? or does the SO3 use a separate origin for homing/limiting than for working on a piece?

Thanks so much! Sorry, I’m totally new to this and am learning a lot.

What the homing switches do is give you an absolute position for your controller. You then set your zero separate, usually lower left corner in Carbide Create and Carbide Motion. The zero gives you a starting reference that you give the software based upon where you set up your work, like a jig that you fasten to your work surface. Your “Zero” can move while “Home” is absolute.

I hope I got that right…I’m kind of a noob too…lol! :grin:

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Hi !

Question regarding the the second set of sensors; I am also all new to this… just scratching the surface here… :slight_smile:

  • Does mean that we can cut larger pieces with the CNC machine?! The only limit is the width, correct? ; then feed the machine with a larger workpiece ( lengths ) ?!

If one wishes to, one can cut pieces in sections, indexing each section to the next, cutting them by tiling.

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No idea if this is ‘right’ but what I did on a piece I wanted to make sure I could ‘find zero’ again was home the machine, zero it. Move it to my intended zero, then I noted the X/Y values. I was able to run both operations without shutting off the machine but had I not been able to I could have homed the machine, zeroed it, then moved the machine back to the position I noted. That would in theory have given me the ability to start again from the original zero.


That’s a great idea - thanks!