Limit Switch Error

Hi All,

My nomad was working well then all of a sudden I constantly began getting the “Limit Switch Hit” error:

‘Limit Switch Hit’ error immediately when choose ‘move cutter’ > ‘click to begin homing’.

I’ve seen this problem reported in another thread but the same solutions have no effect.

I’ve powered down, recentered everything (center and bottom board), restarted and still get the error. I have tried exiting and restarting Carbide motion, still the same problem. I checked the limit switch in the center and underneath for the bottom piece and i see both limit switches are not engaged ( i thought they could be stuck or something).

I’m not sure it’s related but when Carbide motion is running and the Nomad on I’m still freely able to move the spindle center piece and bottom tray, I had figured the motors would be engaged and hold the position unless the Nomad was off, but perhaps i’m mistaken here.

Anyhow, if anybody has some advice would love to hear it, before this started it was working really well and i’m eager to get up and running again…


Did you also gently move the spindle carriage down on the Z axis?

Hi Flatballer,

Yes I moved the spindle down to be about centered, I see the limit switch for the spindle is not being hit. It’s odd, because I shut Nomad off, move the bottom tray, the spindle left/right and up/down to be centered, then when I turn it back on and get to the move cutter screen, I can see the cutter position always saying the same position, ie x 202.40, y, 202.67, z -12.88. Would Carbide motion not update to show the new position the bottom tray and spindle were moved to? I then immediately get the Limit Switch error, it’s like Carbide motion is not getting an update from the nomad and just taking the old cutter position…maybe that’s not an issue though…any other suggestions appreciated…

Hi Stillman- Email us at: Support at Carbide 3D dot com
We’ll get to the bottom of the issue,

Just wanted to post an update, it turns out my power supply blew (hint, when you turn on the machine and don’t hear any fan sound and the parts move freely this might be the issue), likely CM was using the last spindle position and throwing the limit switch error.

Anyhow Jorge contacted me immediately and once the issue was confirmed sent out a new PS which was installed fairly easily with his instructions. Up and running fine now. A++ for support service, overall very efficient and professional.

The support is the best thing about the Nomad, I think. These guys do a grand job of that.