Limit switch help

I have done a dozen or so projects after the first time that this happened and I replaced the Y axis. In fact, I just completed a project today and upon starting the next project suddenly this happened again.

I don’t know what GRBL I’m using.

Carbide Motion
Version 3.0.366
Build Date 2016-11-01

One thing the limit switches are for is repeatability. If you need to stop for some reason mid cut, or skip a step (or more), or want to go back to the same place after turning off the machine (it will move when turned off, and often jumps when turned on) you need a reference. That reference is the switches.

The stock switches, though pretty good in use, are a bit sensitive to overtravel - clunking something into them seems to be pretty hard on them. The plunger will still plunge, they seem mechanically ok from the outside, but the internal contacts are messed up. Use a multimeter to test the switch with the power off.

If you are using Grbl 1.1 with Carbide Motion 4 you need homing switches.

I believe that other comm / control programs still allow one to do zeroing completely manually.

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