Limit Switch Hit and can't recover [moving didn't work]

Shortly after starting a new 6x8" job, the Nomad came to the back right corner and hit the Limit Switch Error. I now can’t Home the machine. I’ve turned it off and unplugged power and USB. I’ve manually moved Z all the way up and centered the gantry. Restarted Carbide Motion. It still can’t home the machine and fails with the same error. (I’m on whatever firmware it shipped with.)

whatever.egc (282.7 KB)

Nevermind, I had to molest the Z limit switch. Just centering the gantry didn’t work - the switch had to be pressed and registered. FIXED.


Still odd. If it happens again, I would contact support for input. If the limit switch is faulty, that will affect positioning and repeatability, and, in some cases, could result in damage to the workpiece or the tool.

This shouldn’t be a big deal to address if there is a continuing problem. The Z and X limit switches are accessible and inexpensive. The Y axis is the one that is a pain to get to.

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Especially odd since Z height wasn’t high enough to hit the limit… ever.

There have been a few instances of the homing switches, when new, getting stuck — hopefully that’s all it is. If not, let us know at

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There is one switch used for homing that also acts as the hardware limit. If the machine has run a homing cycle, the switch has been triggered. If you never successfully ran anything, it may have been stuck from preshipment testing?

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Oh it’s been running a lot lately (had it for a year and a half.)

Side question: Should I update the firmware and CM version or stick with .9?

Carbide Motion 4 and Grbl 1.1 have been working well for folks. You should update if:

  • you have a Shapeoko and a Probe
  • you need feed rate override

you could update if:

  • you have a decently powerful machine
  • you want the tablet interface

Can the firmware be reverted if needed?

Yes. See: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4

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