Limit Switch not touching due to Wiring Harness

I set up the Shapeoko XL today and as I went through Homing, the z-axis limit switch does not touch on the right due to the bend of the wiring harness. Any recommendations?

Video to show:

(Yes it was off :slight_smile: )

Thank you all for your help

Yeah, it’s a known issue :slight_smile:

I fixed mine by removing one of the screws and mounting it further back. It’s still not perfect and gets caught every so often. I am thinking of moving the limit switch a little further forward, hoping it won’t hit the belt clamp…

Remove a couple links from the chain, it’s too long. Yes, really.

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Ben- Glad to hear it is a known issue and not just a mess up by me.

Mike- I removed two brackets (not the complete link) to allow the wires to breath more… Seems to move better now, but I assume it’s too later to power it up at 11pm haha!

Now off to see YouTube videos on how to get the chain to stay on top since that mounting tape is not working.

Thanks to the both of you.

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One solution for folks for whom the VHB doesn’t work (the trick to that is to allow it to cure for up to an hour before stressing it) is to drill and tap holes — M3 works well, though I haven’t been able to find the same machine screws w/ hex heads locally.

I have an XXL and the two sided tape allowed to much flex on the track. I drilled and tapped both axis using #4-40 recessed screws from Lowes. It no longer falls off the back of the rail as well.


For metric hardware, M3 matches some of the other things on the machine — if you can find hex head machine screws. I haven’t locally, and I keep forgetting to add them to my order.

To confirm, I took a few top brackets off the wiring harness to allow the wires to breathe more. The limit switches now touch with no problems. Hopefully this helps other rookies if they run into this.

Before drilling, I’m going to go out and get more tape to see if that will help the harness stay up top.

I ran my first router after the sharpie test and ran into an issue, so I’m going to search the forums and YouTube before I post… hopefully I find my answer. Thanks all for helping me as a beginner!

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You can take the whole sections out, not just the tops (they unclip, you don’t need to totally unwire everything)

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VHB tape iirc is also pressure sensitive, you need to clamp it and put it under pressure for a period of time for it to cure. It’s really strong if applied correctly. Having said that, I never got it to work on my XXL and ended up drilling/tapping/screwing my drag chains down. VHB will also give up its ghost when it’s cold out (at work we put parts in a freezer to remove it), so cold garage winter may also cause it to give up.

On mine I was able to get the length and alignment correct and it no longer hits any limit switch structure. A little fiddling, but it works fine. Try loosening and adjusting the mounts and make the chain as short as needed to clear the switch.



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