Linear rail for Z axis

I was wondering if anyone had tried linear rails on the Z to aid in stiffening on a SO3?

Something like this with (2) sliders each side . I would think this would lend a great deal to the rigidity of the Z axis… ???
I have a minor oh so minor amount of play with the updated plate, I believe caused by the v wheel bearings…???
Any thoughts or testing ??? Ray

Which direction is the play in?

If it’s along the Y-axis, then you may have out-of-spec V-wheels (the races are too narrow) or washer (too thick, allowing back-and-forth movement). Please see Precision (Shim) Washers at

Caleb Peters did something along that line for his machine:

There have been some other instances of this, but I seem to’ve failed to capture the links for the wiki (and it’s a difficult topic to search for since linear rail gets conflated w/ MakerSlide).