Little late for a flag

but 7/4 still in sight…

This one has the signatures of all presidents except Joe Biden’s (the image I found somewhere was little old, this is not a statement)

Inside there is a real, nicely made boat flag, sewed, not a cheap just printed one. It came in 12x18 inches, that made the dimensions. The acrylic is 1/8" thick, the LED strip surrounding it also same width. Next probably will be dimmable (little bright now). The acrylic is glued to the edges with hot glue.

presidents’ signature back plate.c2d (44 KB)
presidents’ signature framec2d.c2d (92 KB)
presidents’ signatureplexi.c2d (728 KB)
presidents’ signature frame.dxf (101.8 KB)
presidents’ signature plexiglass insert.dxf (102.4 KB)
presidents’ signatureback plate.dxf (103.1 KB)


Very very cool, thanks for sharing

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