Logitech Wireless Mouse

Just wondering if anyone knows much about Logitech wireless mice. My main computer I get on the internet with has a Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. I use a unified USB button to receive signals from both the KB and mouse. The mouse has started double clicking and that causes chaos online (the switch is bouncing and clicking twice). I have a shop computer with another Logitech KB and mouse so I thought I would use the wireless mouse from that computer on my main computer.

The problem is the second wireless mouse is not recognized. I cannot find any reason and would think it is a standard has changed over time for the two mice. They were bought about 3 years apart.

Anyone know anything about Logitech wireless receivers comparability.

You need to download and run the Logitech Unifying Multi Connect Utility and in that app, it will allow you to pair other devices to the receiver


I actually just had problems with my Logitech mouse on the same double-clicking issue. One concern is actually more of a malware problem so make sure to scan your computer thoroughly to see if that’s the issue first. Otherwise contact Logitech or buy a new mouse.

I know that at some point they changed from older to newer bluetooth and not all the adapters work with all the keyboards and mice, I’ve also had intermittent problems when I let the batteries get low in the KB or Mouse, they seem to get sensitive to other electrical noise then.

As Stan says, download their full driver suite and it will show you what’s detected and how it’s configured.

Thanks for the replies. I run Norton 360 and it is pretty good about avoiding malware. I will scan tonight but I think the mouse is just going bad. I downloaded the Logitec utility and will run it to see if I can get the newer mouse to work. I will eventually get a new mouse but I live way out in the country and will get to Nacgodoches and get a mouse. I have Amazon Prime but I like to feel the mouse before buying.

I know exactly where that is! :smiley: A college town ought to have a good selection of hardware.

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