Loktite Before or After Tuning

I am still working on getting my XXL tuned and setup. I saw Richard’s comments about using Blue Loctite on every connection. While I agree that this is a good thing…does that mean taking EVERY screw out, and then putting it back in? I worry that after getting everything square and tuned that I will have to start over!

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You should be able to remove one at a time ― my inclination is to wait until something loosens, then remove fully, add threadlock, then tighten it.


it’s ideal from the start as it’s insurance.

if not EVERY screw I’d hit the main ones on the framing and the hard to get to screws if you have a specific setup/machine orientation.

alternative is regularly checking all the screws from time to time. otherwise you’ll risk it coming out of square and a cut that’s slightly off.


I put Loctite on EVERY screw upon setup and did need to loosen a few to square (fine tune) the machine. I simply reapplied the blue magic as needed.

Why? There are screws that you can’t get too or don’t want to loosen, if you wait…and besides, the blue stuff really isn’t that difficult to break loose…

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