Long cut time using bit 302 on xxl

I’m working on a plaque for my grand baby and going to use v carve bit 302 for the lettering. It’s showing 14 hours to complete it. What is with the long time for the letters? I didn’t set speeds allowing cc to set them automatic. If I use bit 301 it cuts down to 7 but doesn’t look as good when checking the image.

how big is the design physically ?

also CC sometimes is conservative on the plunge rate for V carves, and for complicated designs, plunge rate dominate total time

another thing I learned is that if the cut is deeper than the configured max depth of cut, CC will do multiple passes for the whole toolpath even if only one small part of the design needs the deeper depth. Splitting into multiple toolpaths has been my workaround so far

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I guess you used Carbide Create and depending on the version you use, the F&S are set for the Nomad, not the Shapeoko and in all cases, they are very conservative. By using the simple F&S calculator made by @Julien, or the more advanced one from @gmack, you can probably get that time down significantly even with conservative settings.

If you are using another software like VCarve or F360, you can have roughing and finishing toolpaths that would also provide details and reduce machining time.


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