Long send times in UGS

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New member here and new to CNC in general.

Carbide Create Pro.
Carve King CNC

I am attempting to cut a 16" circle out of 3/4 plywood with a .3" hanging hole using a 1/4" end mill. There are some other design features but the toolpaths are disabled. The file saves and is able to be selected in UGS. Shows 26,623 lines. As right now it has send 4 in 10 minutes. Remaining time is 1080 hours and climbing. What am I missing here?
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Carbide Create has very conservative feed and speed settings.

Test and adjust the feeds and speeds and depth of cut settings (note that for V carves there is a bug in current versions which limits control over them).

See: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/FAQ#Router_Feeds_and_Speeds

That did reduce the lines to 9500. Estimated completion for the send is still days long. Thanks for the reference materials also.

What are your actual feeds and speeds?

Maybe start off with this for a reference?

With a 1/4" end mill at 18k RPM, he goes at 75IPM with a 0.06" DOC.

If you’re cutting 3/4" plywood, with a 0.06" DOC, that means you need to cut 0.75/0.06 = 13 “loops” of your stock, to get each depth.

With a 16" diameter circle, the circumference of the circle and hence the distance the tool travels at each depth is 50".

So at 75IPM, it’ll take you 40 seconds to cut each “depth”. At 13 “depths” of 40s each, the entire job should take roughly 520s, or 9min.

Keep in mind that UGS estimates might not be accurate. You should be able to eyeball the speed. If it looks like it’s going to take more than a minute to do a full lap of the circle, your feeds and speeds might be off.

I may have not worded my problem correctly. Once I have selected a file from my GCode folder, it is only sending a line to the machine every few minutes. So even a small operation would take days according to UGS. The machine is not moving. Estimated cut time in Carbide is under 10 minutes but I’m not sure if that’s relavant.

Check your settings in UGS — if memory serves there’s an option for filling a buffer and another for waiting for acknowledgement, check what they are set to.

Good news this morning. I reset the cnc shield and fresh download of UGS. This time windows asked me for permission for Java to do something (I didnt catch what it said out of habit I blindly clicked allow). I am 99.9% sure I do not recall seeing this when I initially opened UGS. It is sending files rapidly to the machine now. Time for a test cut. Thank you all for the responses.


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