Longer Endmills

Hello All!

I’ve got a project that I’m looking to cut full depth notches into 2x4’s laying flat (roughly 1.5" deep)

Looking for suggestions on longer endmills to cut this?


I’ve used long reach tooling from Garr Tools.

Here’s some possibly workable options to look into from the Shapeoko wiki:

I have used a Melin AMG-800-E bit that is 4" OAL with 1.5" cutting depth. They have worked very well. The only issue with really long bits in trim routers is they can spin the bit out of round. So in my case I insert the Melin bits in all the way and then drop them back down about a 1/4". You do not want any router bit inserted as high as it will go and bottom out on the router shaft. I have used those long bits enough that when my router starts up I can hear it if the bit is out of round by the noise. Another issue I have run into with long bits is they get more vibration and it is a good idea to occasionally pause and tighten up the collet. The long bits vibrate more than shorter bits and can lead to the bit becoming loose.


Just saw that Cadence has a long reach mill that looks nice (went and ordered it before mentioning here)

1.50 inch flute length with relieved shank to allow up to 2.00 inch depth of cut.



The Cadence Extended reach bit just came in, and it looks real nice.
bits picture

Here is the parade of 1/4 upcut bits.

On top is a Kyocera 1740-2500L2000
1/4 inch 3 flute Square endmill 1.5 inch flute length 4 in overall
(Ebay Drillman1 $27.45)
4 inch overall was too long for my setup to cut 2X stock. Probably could have shifted router up.

Next is good ol’ Carbide3D #201
1/4 inch 3 flute Square endmill 3 flutes 0.75 inch LOC 2.5 inch overall length
(Carbide3D – odd note current C3D webpage shows this as 2 flute (but has 3 flute pictured))
Not long enough length of cut of 2X material.

Next is Cadence Manufacturing “Uptown Jenny” 8765309-UJ
1/4 inch 2 flute Square endmill Flute length 1.125 inch OAL 2.5 inch
(Cadencemfgdesign.com $34.99)
Though I literally just opened the mailer with this in, I think this is going to be my general use bit over the #201, for two reasons 1) it is 2 flute so it should be easier to hit the target chip load and 2) for same OAL get 5/8 inch longer cut depth (total of 1 1/8 cutting length)

And finally on the bottom Cadence MFG extended reach up cut
1/4 inch 2 flute flat end mill 1.5 inch flute length (with relieved shank to allow 2 inch depth of cut) 3.00 inch OAL.
(Cadencemfgdesign.com $41.99)
This looks like it hits the sweet spot. Long enough cutting length to work 2x material, 2 flutes to hit chip load targets and long enough, but not too long to fit on set up.

More when I get a chance to cut some things



I use my Jenny a ton and love it. Will order the extended reach version when I have an application.

I had a Slim Jen also which provides 1/8 cutter on a 1/4” shaft so I don’t have to change the collet. Sadly I made some mistakes and she died. I need to replace her.

Does the LOC of the bit need to be equal or greater than the thickness of your stock when cutting out material? Or is there some give? like a bit with 1" LOC cutting parts out of 1.25" thick stock.

Sorry for the noob question.

You can get away with it, but the non-fluted portion of the endmill may rub against the material and leave a friction burn on wood.


Ahhhh got it. So best practice would be to have a bit with a LOC equal or greater than the thickness of your stock, correct?

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That is why the Cadence Extended length bit has the shaft relieved (cut back) so you can cut a little deeper than the cutting flutes


It can also be nice to leave 0.25mm or so (10 thou in Imperial) and come back in a full depth finishing pass to give a single clean stepless cut in wood with the longer bits. If I want to keep really clean edges and faces on hardwoods I’ll generally do this, with that final finishing pass at 1/2 to 2/3 the speed of my roughing cuts.


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