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You likely needn’t worry. The entirety of my modification was swapping the 25mm M5 screws for 35mm M5 screws and adding 10mm spacers (stacked with the stock spacers that came in the kit). The spacers are just 18mm circles with their centers 42mm apart, with a 6mm or so hole for each screw and the middle filled in (with a cutout like the stock spacer, but that doesn’t seem necessary if you’re optimizing material removed instead of material printed).

To make it easy, here’s an STL for printing and an SVG for CAM (e.g. Carbide Create). For the latter, making it 10mm tall is an exercise left to the reader, since I don’t know what material or stock thickness, but I made sure Carbide Create groks the SVG. The screw holes are too small for a 1/4" endmill, but one could always enlarge them just a little if necessary without causing any issues, I’m sure.
SuckitEasyTramSpacer.zip (7.6 KB)

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I have a Monoprice Maker Ultimate, which is a rebadged Wanhao Duplicator 6, which itself is a chinese clone of the Ultimaker. They go on sale fairly often. I think I paid $500 for it. Its a metal framed machine that came ready to go out of the box. It replaced an older reprap based printer that I did with a local makerspace build group that worked ok but was considerably more finicky to keep tuned and running.

I mostly wanted something to reliably spit out structural items (duct adapters for dust collection system, cord wall mounts, etc) and it has been great in that respect. In the year or so I’ve had it going I think I’ve only had one actual failed print (and it was due to a knot in the spool of filament, not the printer).

All that said, if I was doing it again, I’d probably look real hard at the Prusa. At the time I got the MPU, the Prusa Mk3 had just come out and orders were a few months out.

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I have an Anycubic I3 Mega. 8 bolts and it is assembled. They are only around 250-300 now on ebay or aliexpress. I have been super happy with mine.

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That print is looking great, good choice with the Prusa.

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Ahh, that looks very straight forward. I didn’t understand the issue from the first post, and thought the issue was more complex. Thank you for sharing.

Sorry to hijack this thread; I hope others found this exchange useful.

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