Looking for 69mm dust boot. UK/EU

Evening all.
I stupidly ordered my machine from the netherlands with a 65mm sweepy instead of a 69mm. The supplier has been less than helpful. I was emailing them before I ordered the machine and they knew which router I planned to use, dewalt 69mm yet when I placed the order for a 65mm accidentaly they didnt think to email me or phone to see if this was a mistake… working in sales myself this seems like a pretty standard thing considering the customer asked prior to spending £2000+ with them… Instead when asking them to exchange it they told me the manufacturer told them to tell me to order from them in the US. ($30 + $38 shipping + £20-25 import fees) with no other option in the UK and the PWN CNC one being way out of budget I dont really have a choice right now…

Does anyone in the UK or EU have a 69mm dust boot that they would like to part with? Please let me know!
Thanks Dan

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Please contact us about this at support@carbide3d.com


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