Looking for a demo in the Sacramento area

Anyone live in the Sacramento area that would be willing to show off their toy? I know it’s hard to invite a complete stranger to your house, especially in this time and age, so I’m more than willing to provide my cell phone number, text/email/references from friends, etc. to make someone feel more comfortable about it. I’m thinking of buying the XXL, but would like to see one in person if at all possible before spending the money. Thanks for your time.


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I’m in Ripon and have a Shapeoko 3, if you do not find someone with a xl or xxl.

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I spent a lot of late nights looking at various CNC routers. I own a mini mill in which I have converted to CNC but the inadequate table sizes severely limits me from making anything other than small parts. I think the SO3 is the best tool you can find for the price range that it’s in. FWIW the price tag is pretty cheap for what you get. The next logical progression after the SO3 XXL would be a CRP4896 (at least for me)–I’m a tinkerer and not using this for business so I cannot justify the 13k for that. What are some of your concerns with this machine? I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and it’s pretty awesome.



I have had my machine for three years now and I think it great! I usually cut wood for my woodworking projects with it and have made a Branding Iron out of brass and may small mod’s to a steel part.

I have an SO 3, probe, and upgraded the z plate about 2 years ago.

I you in the SJ Valley?

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I am near Folsom and have a SO XXL now for about 10 months LOVE it.
Also added the Beaver HDZ and LOVE it more.

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