Looking for advice on carving out this

I would like to carve out the attached log cabin. I did a test plywood piece and it came out pretty good but got a little blow out, as expected working with plywood. This will be hung outside on a fence, I have tested with 1/2 inch cedar but got blow out on that wood also.
I am using Shapeoko XXL, with a Amana Tool 45624-K 60 degree V bit. I also have tried a Amana Tool 45771-K 30 degree bit, is the design too much detail for these bits? Or can you suggest another durable type wood for outdoors.Sunset Cabin - Vcarve

what kind of F&S did you use?

I have my settings at. 18000rpm at 90 ipm.

90 IPM is… about twice what I use…

some amount of tear-out is hard to avoid depending on the wood spieces, but normally I cut at max 0.1" DOC at 45 IPM for V carving.

one thing you can try as well is to do a roughing pass and then a finish pass;
for example by making a 0.02" inset to your design, cut that first, then cut the full design,
so that only 0.02" is removed in the final pass

I like the speeds and feeds for the 60 degree bit with an HDZ but it back it off some of you don’t have one. It has 3 flutes so you can push it morw

I’d only run the 30 degree bit 1/3 that because I consider it a one flute.

Now ply won’t hold too much detail as it chips and delaminates

Thanks to all for the great advice on the feeds and speeds. I slowed it down and did a .02 final pass and the results were perfect. I painted the carving to make the image pop.


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