Looking for an old build of carbide create

Hello, my name is David. I have a question for @robgrz, or anyone that might be able to help.
I have been searching through the internet for a older build of carbide create for my Dad. He isn’t very tech savvy and he had just gotten used to the version he was using, which was build 300 or 400, somewhere around there. He reset his computer and didn’t save the carbide version he was using, so he’s been struggling to work with the newest build.
I saw that @robgrz had posted a link to a dropbox in a forum for an old build, but when i clicked there was nothing.
I was hoping that if there is any chance anyone might have this build for macOS, you could somehow share it with me. I would really appreciate it. I hope its not an inconvenience.
Thank you and I hope to hear something soon!

You can open up a .c2d file in a text editor and check for the version # which was used to write out the file in there. Post that here and let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

That said, the new versions are pretty much the same as the old in terms of interface, just some extra features which one should be able to ignore, and the need to set depth for V carves and so forth.

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