Looking for Candlestone material to make Lithophanes

Hello: I am trying to find some 1/4" Candlestone to make lithophanes. I used to get the material from Candlestone gifts but I can’t find them doing a google search or typing candlestonegifts.com. Can anyone tell me where I can find a supplier of sheets of this material? I tried ebay, Amazon, etsy, etc and got no results.

Thank you

I have not worked with this company but they popped up as a potential source.


Thank you but this is corian and not candlestone. I did find this site already tho.Any other suggestions?

Candlestone does not seem to be readily available, Corian Glacier white is the recommended equivalent. All of the posts I’ve seen about candlestone are from 2015-16. You may be better served to use one of the readily available solid surface materials.

From a lithopane discussion on the Vectric forum: Candlestone or Corian for lithophanes? - Vectric Customer
“Candlestone is less translucent but with a good light source produces extra contrast for superior lithophanes. The only downside is that Candlestone is somewhat brittle and does chip easier than Corian/Avanite/LG-HiMax, etc.”


Hi Lester. Thank you. I did read that post from Vectric earlier. I liked the Candlestone because it did make a better lithophane and the brittleness was never an issue for me. I will try and find a source for the Glacier White.

Well you could try contacting the manufacturer directly. According to US customs records, Candlestonegifts got shipments from Kaiping Fuliya Industrial Co., Ltd.

Kaiping Fuliya Industrial Co., Ltd are on Alibaba/AliExpress here.


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