Looking for font help

I am looking for a great looking font for a plaque. Can someone tell me one type that looks great?

Fonts are extremely subjective. We have no idea what you like. Can you provide any examples of fonts that you like, that might work on a plaque? Give us a few ideas, maybe we can give some other ideas back…

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I am using the 1/8 inch # 102 end mill, is that a good choice?

#102 is usually not the best choice. For cutting lettering into a surface (the usual case), almost all fonts look better using VCarve or, if very large, Advanced VCarve. That said, there are a few cases where it could work, but it depends very heavily on the font and size lettering.

So a VBit, the angle depends on how big the letters are. Smaller letters work better with more acute angles.

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There are fonts that look good with straight sidewalls. They tend to be the larger/fatter letters without a lot of acute angles or fine details. Plain & simple looking fonts. Like Stencil, Arial bold,…

As Michael says, it’s highly subjective to your tastes, the requirements & layout of the job, the aesthetic purpose of the text.

I’ve used hundreds of fonts from fancy ornate script, big plain block letters, very tiny single line fonts…

If you give us some details of the project maybe we can help you narrow it down, or at least provide some things to think about.

I have drawn designs that I was proud of using text that I like. My wife did not like it… I changed it. Wife trumps all

If a man is walking through the woods talking to himself, and there’s no woman there to hear him…
Is he still wrong?


For the #102 I would recommend a design intended to be cut with a router:

As noted, V endmills and V carving is the normal approach.

Recommended bit angle for a given text size:

  • <1" 45–60°
  • 1–2" 60°
  • 2–4" 60–90°
  • 4–6" 90°
  • 6–10" 90 to 120°
  • greater than (>) 10" 120° or greater

This is fun to play with:

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