Looking for tips or advice

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to touch base here and see if I could get any tips or advice.

My wood product is ½" Baltic Birch plywood. I kept hearing how great it would cut, ehhh…I’m not real impressed. The project cut fine, but, well you can see the photos…

Anyway, I know I’m going to have a ton of clean-up now. My question is is there something I should be doing different, (besides using a better quality wood)? I thought about running the program a second time at .001 or .002 deeper, but didnt.

Anyway, thanks for your thought.


PS - you can probably tell, but this was a #301, 90° V-bit.


A lot of inferior stuff gets passed off as Baltic Birch — my understanding is true BB will have all of the plies the same thickness — try Woodcraft or some other specialty wood supplier for a source.

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Try running it a second time, unchanged. Sometimes this is enough to clean things up or at least minimise manual cleanup afterwards


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