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As we all are trying to get used to this new current reality, I am trying to get creative with what I know and what I can do to continue moving forward. I hate doing nothing (I am sure most of you agree) and decided to take stock of what my knowledge assets are and what I can do with them remotely. It occurred to me that I know Fusion 360 well and, like architects needing people to help them CAD their buildings, I can offer CAD and CAM services to someone wanting to make a part. Does anyone here have an opinion on this?. Is there a good place to offer my services?. I am trying to educate myself to what is possible and if this is something plausible or not. Thanks all and stay healthy.


You could try https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprintmything/

Often people need the item modeled as well as printed.

EDIT: From the sidebar, there is also https://www.reddit.com/r/3Drequests/ that is for 3D design requests.

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i have seen CNC and other areas here may be of interest Fiverr

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Seconding fiverr as a recommendation. If you get a thing up and running, please post!

Thank you all. Deeply appreciative. Will Explore Fiverr and check out Reddit.