Loose Spindle Belt

The belt on my Nomad Pro has become quite loose. I read in another post from Apollo to adjust the 4 screws at the bottom of the Z carriage. The screws seem to be quite tight from what I can tell but are also difficult to access. Has anyone adjusted the tension on this belt before? Should it be replaced instead? I would love to hear any suggestions, thank you!

Yes, adjusting the tension of the belt for the spindle is something which we have customers do.

When pushing in the center of the pillows, about 2-4mm deflection is normal for the belt.

There was a previous post on this:

If that doesn’t help — please check in at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work out how to get you cutting.

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I have had to get in there with an Allen key and yes, I started wondering what would break/strip first - the Allen key shaft, the socket or my fingers. Those things are hard to loosen off!!! Didn’t pull the screw out but suspect thread locking compound may be involved. My belt was practically brand new so not sure at what point replacement is needed, but given it is a toothed belt as long as the teeth aren’t too worn I would say keep going.


Thank you both for verifying what I need to do. The belt teeth seem to be in good shape. Of course, I have several random allen keys but they are either too small/big. I will pick up a complete set tomorrow and get to work!

I recently retightened mine. A ball head allen wrench with a long shaft and a big handle to give you leverage helps alot.