Lord of the Rings

(BDH) #1

Helped my daughter design this using Inkscape and Carbide Create for her Lord of the Rings obsessed friends birthday.

(BDH) #2

My daughter got the idea for this from a maker site somewhere that I cannot find to credit. If someone finds it I would like to credit/thank them.

(BDH) #3

She finally found it again here https://earthandoak.wordpress.com/2015/04/25/bilbo-baggins-at-bag-end/
It is a drawing by David Wyatt.

(Vincent Morel) #4

Waou, that’s nice! I made a guitar LOTR inspired for my daughter, Rohan in fact… I use the ShapeOko to V-carve inlay the headstock… You can see the work in progress on my Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/dantahoua

(BDH) #5

She decided to paint it

(BDH) #6

Beautiful work! My wife plays, but I’m all thumbs.