Los Angeles Area Shapoko XXL Owners- Sign Making Opportunity

Hi all, if you are in the Los Angeles area and want to make a decent chunk of cash I have a sign making opportunity for you. My client wants me to make them a sign similar to this in LA, but the shipping cost on a 12’ sign is prohibitive.

The arrangement:

  1. I send all of the letters/components completely ready to go… aka all letters are made, all the wire, and hardware you will need.
  2. You go to a Lowes buy a 12’ long piece of PVC and some Metal Superstruts and cut the mounting holes onto the backer using your XXL.
  • You will need familiarity with Fusion360
  • Knowledge of how to Tile using your XXL
  • The ability to solder together a wiring harness
  • The ability to delivery a 12’ long sign weighing approx 65lbs

If you wish to do the install as well you can work that out with my client and get paid directly. But I cannot carry you under my insurance etc…

PM me with your interest.


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