Losing connection when turning off router

I thought I had seen something about this before but searching didn’t turn it up.

When I turn off my router to change tools, sometimes (seems random) I lose connection to the cutter, which means I have to reconnect and have lost my positioning. I don’t have limit switches so it pretty much means that part is scrap. Is there a likely reason this would be happening? Are others having this problem?

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First things to try:

  • turn router down to low before switching off
  • connect router through a power strip or router control box and use that to switch it on/off
  • both of the above
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I had a similar issue of connection loss and grounding the body of the chassis solved these issues for me. I ran a ground from my outlet to one of the mounting screws of the controller.


I’ll give this a try when I have a chance, not much time to play with my machine lately.

Same thing happens to me. I added a power strip and turn off the router via the power strip switch. It definitely helps but doesn’t completely eliminate the problem.