Losing position in x axis

Ok so I’m doing just basic cut outs but the x axis is messing up. It seems to be delayed in homing and sometimes the belt gets hung up making the machine unable to home.

The tape to keep the belts down won’t hold.

Any suggestions? Also pictures of how you mounted the wires will be awesome!!

Please help me! Getting super frustrated.

I have the Shapeoko 3 xxl with limit switches

Um…Wait. “Tape to hold the belts down?” Could you explain? That shouldn’t be necessary, there are clips at the end, if properly routed, they’ll stay down against the Y axis extrusions on their own.

Which wires are you having difficulty routing?

If you’re having trouble with the drag chain, note that it should slightly overhang the rear of the extrusion — usually you can loosen the hardware in question, pull things into the desired alignment, then tighten and it’ll address things. Some folks have found it helpful to slightly bend up the drag chain bracket, some folks have put a couple of washers under the bracket to push it a bit farther out into a better alignment.

It’s the tension on the two wheels on the bottom. But for some reason it’s still lagging in x

To adjust the V wheels see: http://docs.carbide3d.com/support/tensioning-eccentrics/

Here’s how I ended up addressing the drag chain and cable issues.

I ran the y-axis servos and x y proximity sensors through the gantry. Replaced all the drag chain with larger beefier and a little bit longer chain and gave it a channel to run in and proper bolted down ends on the chains. Works pretty sweet.


Nice! There was a prototype which had the motors and wiring hidden inside the extrusion which made for a very neat, clean look.

I don’t know if I would put the motors in the extrusion, on a long run with a warm ambient temp they might start to warm up. Although I have yet to notice any real temp rises in the original configuration on any work I’ve done to date. All and all a great value for a larger capacity machine with lots of room for customization.

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We found on ours that the drag chain was hanging up on a socket head screw. After we changed it out to a button head screw it was able to home.

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