Lossing zero Mid job?

XXL SO3 Bitsetter

Loses zero Mid job and doesnt cut to desired depth. Ideas?

Please write in to support@carbide3d.com if checking the connectors and so forth doesn’t yield anything obvious to address.

The usual suspects when you start at zero but end up with too high or too low is mechanical and/or missing steps and zero being lost. So first check all you mechanical v-wheels, belt tension, stepper motor set screws and your F&S could too aggressive and losing steps. I would bet it is a mechanical issue. So if this happens again pause and stop. Then after homing use rapid position to send to the x and Y position and then the Z+6MM. See if you are physically where you originally set zeros at. If you are good with X and Y and Z is off check your F&S and if you have a belt Z that your belt is tight. Also when Z is off you could have the bit slipping up or down. So mark your bit with a marker when you insert it and see if the bit has moved if you notice the problem.

The loss of zero is 98% of the time one of the issues above because the software does not just change the zero on its own, it is most likely a mechanical problem causing loss of steps or the bit slipping in the spindle. Anything is possible.

If your job has multiple bits be sure to only change the bit when prompted to if you have a BitSetter. Never change a bit without going through the software interface or when asked to by the gcode.

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