Lost a job due to thunderstorm?

This morning I was in the process of running a 3D Finish (Vectric’s Vcarve Desktop v10) pass on a carved project and we lost power during a thunderstorm. Prior to losing the electric I was able to pause the job in CM and snap a picture of it’s location. Needless to say, once the electric went out, it was all gone.

The roughing pass was 2.5 hours, and the finish pass was expected to run for a bit over 3 hours. How can I restart the job by editing the gcode? I’m using Neil’s post-processor if it makes any difference.

Pointing me toward a tutorial would be fine…

Here’s a “tutorial” on not losing power during a cut.

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There are 3 parts to a gcodes file. First are the pre commands. Second are the cutting commands and third are the post action commands. You can look at gcodes files to figure out pre and post parts. Open your gcodes file after copying it and saving an original copy. It can be opened by notepad in Windows. Copy the pre part and open a new file and post in pre commands. Then from your screen shot either the line number or percent back up about 10 percent and copy from that point to the end and paste into new file. Save new file and run. Your previous zeros are still held in machine memory so zeroing is not recommended. You will need to initalize.

Load new file and run. You will recut some of previously cut material but it is better than starting starting completely over.


To expand on that there’s a bit here:


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