Lost Connection midway through project

So I had a power glitch and my project stopped midway. Is there a way to pick up where I left off? Luckily it was a few minutes after a bit change, so I know where I’m at and I’m just re-running the entire first part of the code without a bit until I get to that bit change. But it seems like there would be some sort of way to pick up where I left off. Make sense? Any help is appreciated.

Can you just export the toolpath operations separately from your CAM program?

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yes, I think so. I’m using Carbide Create Pro. I could have saved each toolpath but I’m not sure how to choose which one first yet so I’m running my designs as complete projects.

I think if it was right at a tool change you can disable all the cut paths that were previously completed and then just save the new gcode and start again. I should preface with I’m pretty new at this but it worked for me. For some reason my garage has decided it hates running the CNC and vacuum at the same time today.

You can go to the tool path in CC, right-click on the path that has been completed. “Pop up window” select disable. Disable all the paths that have been completed. Save G-Code again.Run the remaining portion of the job.

As was already mentioned on this post

Good luck


Thanks! Appreciate the support!

I was today years old when i learned how to restart a program after it stops halfwalf!!!
Thanks guys

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