Lubricating Nomad rails and screws

I searched the forums and website for information on what to use to lubricate the Nomad rails and lead screws. The result was:

“The only oil we use and recommend for lubrication on the Nomad rails is Super Lube Synthetic Oil with PTFE.”

For those of us in Europe, who are unable to buy the Super Lube brand, would the Wuerth HHS 5000 be a suitable replacement?

If not, what is a replacement that is available in Europe? Failing that, what properties should we watch for? Or what similar products exist? Should we buy bike chain lubricants with PTFE, sewing machine lubricants with PTFE?

Have You tried ?


Or Dr Evil’s online store?

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Hey, thanks! It seems I can find this specific lubricant after all, so I’ll just go ahead and buy that.