Machine count not pull off homing switches

so here i am again needing help. sent this to support as well i was just hoping that i could get a faster response here

I had done a couple dry runs without material to cut and everything went well and I was going to put material in to do my 1st piece started the job everything went good started like it was supposed to start and i realized that I had material that was clamped in the wrong position. i hit the stop button in CM to stop the process and after reclamped material i could not get it to initialize machine again.

Try shutting CM down, then see if it works after restart. Pause is the function I use to momentarily stop the job. Then click start to resume.

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I ended up having to get a replacement controller but I believe it was due to ambient heat in the room. The controller ended up having that issue hm001 but what you can do to check is go into the debug menu and see if any of the homing switches is stuck on, if so pass your allen key infront of them and then if the led lights up and turns off properly but it doesn’t change in CM expect you have the issue I had. Unplug your machine from the power source and leave it alone for 30 minutes when you come back if you suddenly home alright and you can run a program you know what happened!

This is excatly my issue. It is Z home that does and it just does it when ever it feels like it(during intialize machine). In CM it is lit up like it is made but it is not. I go to the switch put a wrench by it and the light will come on. I switched it with the spare switch that comes with the machine and still does it. Close CM and turn off power. Turn everything back on and sometimes it will work right sometime it will not. It happened 2 times tonight. But i did get a cutting board surfaced. Somewhere in my head i an wanting to think it is operator error. And i will figure what im doing wrong eventually. But idk yet

Now that you’ve experienced this if you EVER park your machine and it just shuts down instantly without moving to the park position. When you reboot you might experience one of the crazy errors where it sends the machine forward on the y axis beyond the end and just tries to force your gantry forward beyond the ballscrew so if you do the solution is to unplug the controller for 30 minutes and contact support for a new one. I’m starting to suspect a change in the software going from an older version of CM to this new one isn’t having a good time with the Rev 5.0 controllers as I’ve seen 5 posts now with new/ish machines having suspicious controller issues in the last 15 days. This controller did malfunction prior but it’s definitely weird timing that all these posts are just popping up now.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve sent Support my info. Maybe it IS the new software? I keep getting this message. I sent them a couple of Videos of what my system is doing…

This has also been associated with it. They say they’ve checked it over a few times now and this shouldn’t be software related but here we are …? Fun times unplug for 30 minutes plug back in see if it works fine

I am also having this issue, I have Shapeoko Pro Which used to work great until I installed the new HDZ and now I can’t pull off my z-homing switch.

Support is sending out a new controller today. Hopefully this will fix all my issues.