Machine Goes all the way to the right on initialization

After completing all of the steps in the set up booklet I Pressed the button to initialize my machine and the X axis just maxed out all the way to the right and started vibrating. Not sure if this was the wrong thing to do or not but I pressed the power button before any error messages popped up. Tried to Configure again and that didn’t seem to help anything. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!

Please post what machine you have. If it is new it could be a SO4, SO4 XL, SO4 XXL, Pro or HDM.

Please indicate your model and Z Axis. Likely you may have configured wrong or your X sensor needs adjusting.

The initialization is as follows. The Z axis goes all the way up. Then the X and Y start moving toward the rear right corner. If your X is close to the right side it will home second after the Z. Then the gantry travels back and the Y is homed.

Test your X switch with a wrench, if it illuminates then power off and move the gantry all the way to the right. Move your inductive switch as close as you can without touching the metal frame.

You can take off your controller cover to see if the lights are light for the X switch. You can also just power on, connect, but do not initialize. Go to the Settings and see if there are any active inputs.

To check the active inputs power off and move the gantry to the right and back. Power on and see if the X and Y inductive switches are indicating activated. The Z may also be activated if the Z axis is all the way up.

If your Z ever travels the wrong way during initialization you picked the wrong Z. The old Belt Z and the HDZ travel opposite from the Z-Plus. The HDZ is refereed to as the Ball Screw and the Z-Plus as the Lead Screw. Be sure you picked the correct machine.

To configure power on, connect, but do not initialize. Go to Settings and in the first tab pick your machine and the Z type. Go to the second tab and uncheck the BitSetter. You will set BitSetter up after you get initialized. Go back to the first tab and Send Configuration. You will get a confirmation that configuration was sent. Then try to initialize.

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Did you go through the configuration steps for setting the machine up? In settings at the top of the Carbide Motion screen. I’m really new to all of this but that is the first thing that comes to mind.


Do all of the homing switches test as working?

When you test them, what do they signal as under Active Inputs on the Settings pane?

Are the switches securely in place and properly adjusted?

Can the machine move mechanically so as to activate each switch?


If you continue to have difficulties, let us know at

I had that problem and the homing switches in the board were in the wrong config

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