Machine parameters invalid

What is that supposed to mean and why would it come up after the file in question (a 9.0625" line cut w/ the follow path operator in MakerCAM) had been loaded and begun once?

I can think of two things.

A) You’ve probably asked it to travel further than the work-envelope (remember, 8x8x3") unless you’ve asked it to make that line on a diagonal.

B) When the CAM post-processes the tool-paths and spits out the G-code there’s an option to include the tool and machine data in the code. This is what a tool-line looks like:

T10  D=3.175 CR=1.587 - ZMIN=-16.208 - BALL END MILL)

It may also be spitting out a machine definition as well, that specifies various attributes of the machine, which may be confusing or incompatible with Carbide Motion. When you post-process to generate the NC code, what profile are you using? Have you tried/are you using Mach3?

Can you post your code as an attachment/link here to take a look at?


My Shapeoko 3 has a slightly larger work area than 8" x 8" x 3".

Ah, I didn’t realize you were on a So3 not a Nomad! ignore option A then, we’re looking first at possibility B. It’s probably got to do with your post-processor coming out of MakerCAM.

If it were a problem w/ the post-processor why wouldn’t it’ve happened the first time I ran the file? It happened on my second attempt.

Good question—can’t really say without seeing both files to see what’s different between them :wink:

There was only 1 file.

I ran it once, the second time I ran it, got the disconnection and error message noted and I got two different results the two times I attempts to run it.

Ok, that’s definitely mysterious. Well if you’ve got the file to share, post it up when you can, otherwise it’s hard to squash a bug we can’t pin down.